*NEW* Deisy Varona - Berwyn Heights, Maryland
I can not thank Joel enough for sharing his gift with my wife and I. He is very touched by all those in the heavens, obviously this is his calling. He shared things with me that only my angels, guardians and spirits could have told him, there is no other way he would have known these past family experiences, ancestral experiences. I am completely floored by his abilities to hear from the other side. He also shared what the future may hold. In the end he provided me a gift, to heal. I'm also looking forward to the next chapter of my life. I will no doubt keep in touch with him and send him many prayers, every day as he does for many others. I plan on continuing sessions with him to make sure I'm on the right track in my life and to make sure others surrounding me are too. What a BEAUTIFUL man you are Joel, thanks again.   

Richard Holdeman - Ochelata, Oklahoma
Joel has contacted me several times randomly to let me know that I have specific events coming my way, such as making a financial break through, and telling me about relationship stuff that correlates with me. Joel is in outgoing, loving individual- I'd recommend him to anyone who is wanting someone trustworthy to confide in.  

Lorri Smith - Blackfoot, Idaho
My son was being violently bullied at school and taunted by his adopted father who has passed. In speaking with Joel, he was able to provide me with the tools needed to banish the entity around my son. He cleared the negative energies surrounding my son and I. The information Joel spoke to me about was spot on. Past and present experiences included. Joel continues to help my son with issues surrounding him. Joel's intuition and clairvoyant abilities are exceptional. I believe in Joel and I feel blessed to have crossed paths in our lives journeys. Thank you Joel for the amazing work you do.  

Jay Aldin - Orlando, FL
Joel and had a wonderful out of the blue experience.. He really helped answer some of the things I've been wondering about without him even knowing anything about me! It was awesome, truly recommend.  

Ralph and Patti Rabice - Dunnellon, FL
Dear Joel, Let me begin by saying your level of love and compassion was invaluable at a time when my husband and I were so fragile after losing our son. We came with heavy hearts and left with lifted spirits and a true appreciation for your gift, that you gently unwrapped and generously shared with us. Your conversation with our son gave us a whole new perspective on his leaving us Only you could have gotten the information from him that we needed. What a blessing that our paths crossed. We look forward to meeting with you again in the future. God Bless you Joel. With love, Ralph and Patti  

Carl M. - Orlando, FL
For the past 2 years, plagued with such debilitating symptoms as dizziness, nausea and pain, I have been so sick that I could not work and was mostly bed ridden. After seeing all kinds of medical specialists and even having my gallbladder surgically removed by a bad diagnosis, nothing improved. My mother suggested that I seek spiritual guidance to resolve the issue. Although I admit I was skeptical due to my own personal beliefs, I did 'one' search on the internet and Joel's info came up. Must have been meant to be. I asked Joel to visit my home for a Reading and spiritual healing if possible. Mind you, at this point I had all but given up hope and had almost decided several times to just "end it all" because life as I had known it had been taken away from me. Joel made me feel very comfortable as he connected with the Spirits and provided me with the answers as to exactly what was causing the illness, as well as many personal things that he could not have known about. Joel asked for Divine assistance as he drew out of me and into himself, a great deal of my sickness, then explained what would happen over the next few days as the spirits and God worked to continue to heal me. I followed Joel's directions and dug deep for Faith. God answered! After three days I recovered so remarkably well that I was able to accept a job and left my home to start it on the fifth day after seeing Joel. I wouldn't have believed it if it hadn't happened to me! Through his compassion and absolute faith, Joel has revived my own faith. I sincerely recommend Joel to anyone needing spiritual guidance.  

Sandy W. - Orlando, FL
Hi, Joel-- So many things you shared at the Embrace the Journey Insight Session, were life-changing for me. Thank you, especially for your modeling of gratitude and living "lightly". I am forever grateful --My whole week has been wonderfully different because of you--thank you a million times.  

Kara Dewey - Davenport, FL
Joel thank you so much for sharing your gift with me! It is so inspiring to see someone who knows their purpose and is Fulfilling it while helping others. I felt the loving presence more than once during our reading :) You were spot on with so many things and nothing that can be found on social media. Actually you knew something that only two other people in my life knew so that is a gift! So excited to continue on my journey of life with you as not only a friend but as a resource :)  

Debranne Lehman (for Son) - Orlando, FL
Reading for my challenged son,  which I had the privilege of listening to. My challenged son had a reading with Joel.  The experience for all of us was beyond amazing.  His God gifted skill and insight was the highest level I've ever experienced.  Had sessions before, but no where near the insight of Joel's.  My son left the reading feeling joy, love and a better understanding of his questions!  They were all answered!  Looking forward to his upcoming Insight Sessions.  

Haunted House? - Orlando, FL
I was contacted by two Catholic Priests in Florida while living in Colorado to investigate and resolve the possible haunting and demonic activity that had been tormenting one of their parishioners.

>>This is the communication that followed<<

Mr. Dan Towey - Orlando, FL
I hadn't spoken to long-time friend Joel in many months since his relocation to the West. Was having irregular heart rhythm for and hour. Nothing I was doing was working. I called Joel and after a brief explanation of the physical imbalance, he was guided to ask about my intake of Iron, Flax Seed Oil and Grapefruit....all of which were recently VERY relevant. He also said there's a crystal in your room. Place it in your right hand with your left hand over your heart chakra area. The arrhythmia ceased in a few minutes... the catch ? I too had recently moved and only had unpacked ONE tiny crystal which was placed on my laptop in the home office. Thanks Joel, your 'listening' was spot on.... with zero nutrition background training :)

Ms. Maureen Harrell - Viera, FL
It was a spot on reading by Joel. He made me very comfortable throughout the session. It has been freeing as I move through the different areas of information. He was spot on from the past through the present and I am living into the future. It has strengthened me as a person, a woman, in all aspects, from friends and relatives. I would definitely recommend it to one and all, I will be doing it again as time goes on.

Trenika S. - Rockledge, FL
Joel came to my house to give me a personal reading and he was spot on about my experiences and what I went through in my past and what I am going through now. Joel has helped me gain clarity on a lot of unanswered questions and I now have what I need to help me through the next part of my life's journey. He is so easy to talk to, he is very knowledgeable, and so funny. I will definitely contact him again in the future for another reading to make sure I'm still on the right path. Thank you Joel! You are awesome!

Megan Teal - Altamonte Springs, FL
Meeting Joel has been a life changing experience. From our very first meeting he truly amazed me with his gift. Getting closure from people that have passed on and knowing they are with me is one of the most special things that has ever happened to me. I have recommended him to friends and family and no one has ever been disappointed. One of the most special things about Joel is how much care he puts into each reading. He is an outstanding person with an outstanding gift.

Mary F. - Bethlahem, PA
I have had the great pleasure of knowing Joel as one of my son's very good friends. I had heard stories about Joel, and when I finally had the opportunity to meet him, he was all my son said he was and more! Joel is a very kind person who has an amazing gift. He uses his gift to help others. I feel that anyone who crosses paths with Joel will find their answers and ultimately the peace that they deserve to have.

Suzanne Daly - Merritt Island, FL
I am in awe on a regular basis at Joel's gift. I have seen him channel and convey messages from guides and loved ones who have crossed over that he would have no way of knowing. I know that he has helped countless people find peace and closure. I have had profound experiences with him that have changed me forever. Joel does his work with absolute respect and integrity and I would recommend him to all my family and friends.

J. - Orlando, FL
I thought the insight meeting was fantastic. There were three of us that saw a halo over your head and were amazed to see it!

K. - Orlando, FL
Absolutely inspiring and TRUE

J.N. - Orlando, FL
One of the comments you made, really struck me – ‘You are already somebody, because you are God's child - Let that be enough’

C. - Orlando, FL
I am so glad that I attended the first session and am definitely looking forward to the next session. Very informative

E. - Orlando, FL
I seem, at this time, less fearful of death and better able to own the belief that we (I) have been saved, once, and for all times. I feel able to accept my humanness. my inability to always do the right thing, to forgive myself when I beg forgiveness of my Creator

Jennifer Lingo - Merritt Island, FL
Joel's incredible talent is accentuated by his kindness, discretion and integrity. I am so grateful to have been helped by guidance from his Sight as well as a much-needed message from my recently-passed mentor.

B. - Titusville, FL
My reading was everything I needed and more. Joel was specific and accurate with what I needed to hear. Joel is a joy to spend time with and is truly gifted.


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