TESTIMONIAL – “Haunted House?”

Preface: I was contacted by two Priests in Florida while living in Colorado to investigate and resolve the possible haunting and demonic activity that had been tormenting one of their parishioners.  This is the communication that followed.

Client Request:

Joel – I attended a live Insight session that you gave a few years ago before you moved. I was talking with Fr. G (last week) & Fr. J (at mass Sunday) as I have had strange things happening around my house for the last three years, always in December and between Christmas and New Year’s. This year it has started earlier.

I have seen giant animals running up and down the street, objects floating above and around my house, like a Casper the Ghost image but in pink and a girls face floating (about 50 feet tall). There is a tree next to my property line which I see an evil dog on its hind legs and someone riding it. Both Fr. G and Fr. J said they see something there too. I woke up to that image a few weeks ago and saw a white hair man with a white beard in a robe with stick fingers who couldn’t talk, but there was crackling sounds from the tree. I do talk to the image each night I'm on the front porch. I've seen more images in the tree next door. My house has shaken and I’ve watched my water bottle - the water sways back and forth in the bottle on my sofa end table like a wave movement.  I did have the trees cut back from my house in case of a possible hurricane this past summer. 

Joel, I'm asking for a reading of some sort here. I don't know what to ask for in this reading, but please help me. Please let me know if any charges apply and where to mail the check or money to. Not sure where you are located now, but would like to have you come over here for verification.  If you need to contact Fr. J or Fr. G for verification of this situation please do so. 

Response from Joel:

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Was trying to 'connect' with all of the things that you were telling me you had seen.  I have been able to communicate with several Spirits that have shed light on the subject. I hope this info will help you understand what is happening and allow you to find some Peace :-)

Many paranormal events are taking place near your home. Not all people are aware of them, but you have been "open" enough to glimpse some of it :-)  So here's the deal.

Your home is almost directly at a cross-roads of Spiritual activity. There is an inter-dimensional portal in the lake, there is a doorway between the living and the dead just east of your home (in your yard), there are Native American Spirits that used to live in the area that visit, there are 3 Spiritual "roads" that cross over your property and a Spirit that is connected to something in your home that you collected during your lifetime.

WOW! Right?  This is why it has taken so long for me to figure it all out.  Now, in speaking with these Spirits, I have learned that none of them mean you any harm directly, however, it is like you are a kid playing in the street.  Due to all of the activity, there is sometimes collateral activity.  You have become aware of all of the coming and goings as well as the different types of Spirits and Entities present.

There is a common misconception that things we "see" that look frightening are out to hurt us. This is often not true. As it is always a good idea to keep your guard up, we also have to be open to the "Intent" of such things rather than judge based on our "learned" responses taught to us by Humanity's ignorance of the paranormal realm.

Let me explain based on what you have experienced.

giant animals running up and down the street

This is an example of things you may see from time to time when the inter-dimensional portal opens up. There may be any number of strange phenomenon that you will see or be aware of that are actually taking place at the same time, but in a different Realm.

objects floating above and around my house like a Casper the Ghost image but in pink

Spirits and Entities travel and manifest in many forms, colors and sizes. You are seeing (when pink) and Entity referred to by the Spirit realm as a "Yineeshee". This Entity is often near locations with lots of activity. It works for God as a "Buffer" to help prevent harmful collateral damage to all things 'present' at these cross-roads.

a girls face floating (about 50 feet tall)

Spirit of a Child that died in the area in the 70's - She is just visiting from time to time.

a evil dog on its hind legs and someone riding it

This is most likely what Humans call a "Hell-hound" - Unlike the portrayal most common as a creature that the Devil sends to get you, these Entities are actually just "Programmable" beings that ACT on lingering Intent.  They can be both nurturing and frightening.  Again, nothing near you has Intent to harm you.

a white hair man with a white beard in a robe with stick fingers who couldn't talk

This is a very Cool and fortunate experience for you to have!  This is what Humans refer to as an "Elemental" that you are seeing.  The Native Americans had very close relationships with Entities that God created to oversee various situations related to the nature and well-being of planetary elements. Here on Earth, these Soldiers of Nature would look over things relating to the Land, Water, Air and Fire of Earth.  You have one of the Land Soldiers that resides near your home that was brought forth by an Indian tribe long ago.

My house has shaken and I watched my bottle water - the water sways back and forth in the bottle on my sofa end table like a wave movement

The Spiritual doorways and Crossroads that surround your home create a vortex that can affect the physical plane, thus causing things to move energetically. The flooring in your home, if Terrazzo, can also act as a catalyst to heighten this activity.


If you have any questions or would like further details, just let me know :-)

God Bless – Joel

Client Response:

Joel - I was mowing the back yard Tuesday, remembering that 2 years ago, I was screaming at night when the house was shaking and I flashed my flashlight in the back yard and saw a little Aztec Indian in my potted palm tree with a white shoulder shawl on and tall white feathers standing up right on his head band. The potted palm since has died and rotted and I threw it out. 

I also heard that a neighbor's child did pass in the 70's. I'm trying to research that one more. 

My neighbor that is EAST of me, mentioned to me two days ago that his flood lights have been going on and he was concerned, and he has noticed his bed mildly shakes when he lays down.  

I think I have figured out the two fault lines one running east to west, where my house and neighbors house shakes and one from the lake to where I saw the animals, which is running south to north.  But I can’t figure out the third line you stated.

Still trying to figure out the object the spirit has connected to that is in my home. Also you stated a burial ground east of my house. That is a vacant lot that was used for a neighborhood park and since has been sold three times to different people. 

Please keep me posted if you talk with any of these spirits for me. Thanks


Response from Joel:

Will visit you at your home in person very soon to verify any changes that may have occurred and make sure that there is nothing there that Intends harm in any way. After this, you can advise me of any action that you wish me to take to ensure that you find Peace in your home.



Will continue to add to this as events unfold. Check back for updates.


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