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Questions submitted will be listed here so you can see what information will be in the book as it is created! Once Answered by the Spirit realm, “Answered” will be noted to the right of questions. Until then, “Pending” will be noted.

 Deadline to submit questions is Dec 12th 2017

Questions to Date  - Sorted into Chapters:

The Paranormal

Does Sage (smudging) really dispel all things negative? - Answered

After you pass away, if you visit in Spirit, do you appear to others looking the same as when you passed? - Answered

Do the Smells we experience for no reason connect to the Spirits? - Answered

How is it that Spirits Affect electronics? - Answered

Do Spirits care about burial location or their remains being disturbed? - Answered

What is the 3 am Vail between Realms Phenomenon? - Answered

What is a Poltergeist? - Answered

Do Spirits actually visit more on Halloween and Why? - Answered

Are Spirits able to come through a Mirror? - Answered


Unexplained Life Forms

How come we haven’t been able to find a Bigfoot? – Answered

Are there Extraterrestrial beings out there? - Answered

Are Spirit Guides Angels or other Beings? - Answered

Were Angels ever Human? - Answered

Do Angels really have wings and Appear with them? - Answered


The Human Condition

When you die, do the thoughts and feelings in your Brain die with the body or go with you? - Answered

What happens to us when we Die? At that moment and also after. - Answered

How come some people sense Spirits and others do not? - Answered

At what point in pregnancy does a child have a Soul? - Answered

What is Karma and How does it work? - Answered



Is there a Purgatory that we get held in after death? - Answered

What happens to your Soul if you commit Suicide? - Answered

Is it true that you have to be Baptized to go to Heaven? - Answered

Must you be "Saved" or "Born Again" to go to Heaven? - Answered

Is Communion Really the Body & Blood of Jesus? - Answered


Science & The Universe

Does the Zodiac have anything to do with our Souls? - Answered

Was it the Big Bang or God that Created everything? - Answered


Animals & Trees

Is there an Afterlife or Reincarnation for Animals? - Answered

When Humans are Reincarnated, do they ever come back as an Animal or Insect? - Answered

Which Animals are Humans allowed to Eat? - Answered

Do Trees have Souls or Spirits like Humans? - Answered

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