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Don't waste your money on a generic reading that could apply to anyone, try me!

Hello!  Please look over the services that I provide and feel free to schedule something now! Note that some services are only available in person, require scheduling or are limited to the greater Orlando area. You can also schedule multiple services as you desire. It is my goal to schedule in-person sessions within a week if at all possible. Requests scheduled in the order in which they are received.  See details below and please email me if you have any questions.

Methods available:    In-Person    Email    Phone    Skype

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Spiritual Connection - "Reading"

During a Spiritual Connection, you will be given all information I receive and also get any answers that are available to your personal questions. Many times, the Spirit of a past loved one will communicate during the session or will have left a message on “hold” for you. I love sessions where this is the case. I have helped many to have closure and come to peace with their past, present and future.
Just a Question?

If you would just like to ask a question, I will be happy to help via email. Please choose the option to the right and add to cart. I will contact you within 24 hours to get your question and advise. Please understand that more than 3 questions, as well as the nature of the question, may require I connect with you via a Reading.
Guardian Linking

This connects you with one or more of your Spiritual Guardians by providing you with information from them such as their name, origins, likes and any other information they want to share with you.
Spiritual Evolution Marking

This provides you with details about how far along your Soul is towards learning all that is required. It can be thought of as the 'age' of your Soul.
  Spiritual Blueprint Drawing

This provides you with a detailed hand drawing of your Spirit's blueprint as revealed to me. It is a Sacred & unique design, a schematic of how your Soul was created.

  Spiritual Genealogy & Design

This provides you with details about where your Soul comes from, who and what you are 'related' to, unique gifts and also associated astrological information.
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  Past Life Exploration & Consulting

Here we explore through Spiritual connection, what past lives you may have lived here on Earth, and elsewhere.  We also discuss the impact that these lives would have on your current Human Experience.
  Spiritual Life/Human Condition Guidance

This is for day to day guidance concerning your Spiritual and Human life, addressing such things as perspective, integration, emotion, love, direction and all aspects of living.
  Spiritual Path Clearing (current & future)

This services offers the ability to help clear the Path of your Journey by working with those Guardians who would assist you along the way. The goal is to navigate the Path least burdensome, while facilitating continued Spiritual growth.
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  Intent Cloaking

This assists in 'hiding' you from negative intention that may be directed your way. Working on both Specific know Intent and general.
  Negativity Shielding

We are all bombarded by the negativity that surrounds us. This service assists you in creating a 'shield' that can avert a great deal of the undesired effects of negative energies. Detailed process, but not difficult.
  Sacred Spirit Replenishment - (Sacred Spiritual Healing)

This is a Sacred form of Spiritual Healing that was Spiritually channeled to me over several years. It allows me to channel Healing that directly addresses areas where the Spirit has been damaged. Very labor intensive on my part but a Blessing and Honor to perform. Happy to explain in detail if interested. Can only be accomplished in person.

Ask about additional services & combination discounts 

Schedule your Spiritual Connection services now. We will schedule a time that is convenient for your session and a communication method that is most comfortable for you. (i.e. phone, skype, email or your home).

Please note, to get the best possible face to face in-home session, the atmosphere must be quiet, private and free of interruption. Additional services may be scheduled during initial session if discussed in advance.

Payment for sessions to be made in advance via PayPal or credit card. Feel free to email me at any time. I will contact you as quickly as possible. I look forward to working with you :-)

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