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 They help me keep the Cost of my Services down by covering travel, material & other related expenses

 UPDATE: Many Heartfelt Thanks and Much Appreciation to those who have responded with Love Offerings!! They have helped me so much with medication and financial difficulties! I am on the mend and hope that within the next month, I will be CONSISTENTLY well enough to resume a productive routine whereas I can get back to helping others!! Although I am getting better, there is still work to be done - So Please, if possible, consider Blessing me with a Love Offering (any amount is a Blessing!) Thank You All!

Hello Friends! Many of you may already know that I’ve had quite a harsh year! Struggling to conquer several life-threatening medical issues has significantly hurt me financially as well as Spiritually. Although I have recovered quite a bit, I continue to have heart issues that make it difficult to plan, as I never know if I will wake with energy or devastating weakness. Nevertheless, it is my Passion and Gift to Spiritually assist others, therefore I am making plans with the help of a friend, to catch up on Readings that have been requested, as well as organizing several Insight Sessions around the central Florida area. This is where Your Assistance can help! If the Spirit leads you through your Heart to bequeath a Love Offering, this kind gesture will not only help me with continued meds and bills, but will most gloriously help to off-set the cost of the Spiritual services that I can provide, lifting me into a better position to help more and more Souls! I ask for your Love Offerings with a humble and hopeful heart! Bless You All! ~Joel

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